Information for Graduates

A graduate smiling at the camera.

Congratulations on your achievement! We are excited to be the official photographer for your ceremony. Below please find some answers to frequently asked questions regarding what to expect from GradImages® at graduation.

For more information about what we offer the graduate, please visit (in the US) or (in Canada).

Do I need to sign up for my photos to be taken at graduation?

The photo team will photograph each and every graduate at your upcoming ceremony. No appointments are necessary. Depending on your event, up to three photographs may be taken of you as you cross the stage and exit the stage area.

How do you know where to send my proofs?

Depending on the school's arrangements with your GradImages® provider, there are a number of ways in which we acquire your email and mailing address. The most likely scenario is that you will be given a card prior to the ceremony from which your name will be read as you cross the stage. On one side of this card, you will be asked to write your name phonetically to make it easier for the name reader. On the other side, you will be asked to complete your email address and your mailing address.

If your school does not follow this example, we are likely to receive a set of addresses for the graduating class from the registrar's office. This is decided upon by the school from which you are graduating.

GradImages® never has and never will sell or share the address/email information provided to us to any other vendor.

When can I expect to see my proofs?

You can expect to have proofs emailed to you within 24-48 hours of your ceremony if we receive your email address on the card you complete at or prior to the ceremony. Proofs are also mailed to all graduates with a complete mailing address at the same time via First Class Mail.

Is there any obligation to order?

There is no obligation to order your graduation photographs. If you decide that you are not interested, you can opt out of our email service upon viewing your proofs.

How do I order once I view my proofs?

You can order directly from our website once your PIN number has been provided to you via email or proofs received through the mail. Orders can be placed online at (in the US) or (in Canada), by phone at (800) 261-2576 (in the US) or (800) 372-3686 (in Canada) or 001-641-472-8000 (outside the US and Canada), by fax at (850) 574-0985, or by postal mail using the order card included with your mailed proofs.

If I order, when can I expect the photos to arrive?

Upon receipt of your order, you can expect photos to be mailed to you within 5-7 days.